Welcome to the New Official Website for the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company
By Member FS Admin
October 13, 2016

Welcome to Blueville! At the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company #11, we take pride in our blue apparatus and being able to remain 100% volunteer all of these years. This pride goes all the way back to 1908 when interested citizens organized a meeting in Stauffer Hall to form some type of fire protection. The ensuing meetings resulted in the formation of the Walkersville Water Company in 1909. In synchronization with water pressure for fire protection, the Walkersville Hose Company was formed using a hand-drawn hose reel. The original fire hall is located on West Pennsylvania Avenue near Main Street. A re-organization of the old company was effected in 1939. This resulted from the enterprise of many of the company members and spurred on the Alton C. Whitmore, then a resident of Walkersville and President of the Frederick County Firemen's Association.

The Fire Company then moved its quarters to the building now being used as the Town Hall on Frederick Street, until 1989 when it moved to the current firehouse. In more recent years, we continue to provide an excellent service to our community and remain 100% volunteer. We are always looking for new volunteers to continue this tradition. Interested in joining us? Please contact us through facebook, in person, or over the phone for more information.