Santa Parade Route
By Member Kristi Staley
December 14, 2016

The following is the tentative route for the Santa Parade on Sunday, December 18th. Start time is approximately 2pm. The route is subject to change without notice.

Santa will visit each neighborhood but is unable to go down every street.

Leave Walkersville Fire and Rescue Companies (79 W. Frederick St) at 2pm.

Right onto Frederick Street, right onto Rt 194, left onto Antietam Drive, right on Raleigh Road, left onto Hickory Hill, left onto Antietam Drive, left onto Rt 194

Left onto Adventure Avenue, right on Inspiration avenue, right on Discovery Blvd, left on Stauffer Road, right onto Rt 194

Left on Fountain Rock Road, right on Creek Walk Drive, right on Biggs Ford Road, left on George Street, left on Glade Road.

Right onto Bedrock Drive, right on Polaris drive, left on Greenwich Drive across Bedrock to left on Polaris Drive, right on Bedrock Drive, right on Glade Road, right on Winter Brook Drive, right on Glade Road

Right on Devilbiss Bridge Road, cross Rt. 194 to Daysville Road, right on Water Street Road , right on Silver Crest Drive, left on Deer Run Drive to stop sign. Right and stay on Braeburn Drive to Deer Run Drive, left on Deer Run Drive. Cross Rt 194 to Daysville Avenue.

Right onto Glade Avenue, right on Albany Avenue East, cross Farmingdale Avenue onto Albany Avenue West. Left on Highlander Blvd, left onto Burlington Avenue, right onto Farmingdale Avenue to right on Daysville Avenue. Left on Highlander Blvd, Left on Glade Avenue, left on Cramer Avenue left onto Sandstone Drive. Left onto Rt. 194.

Right onto Challedon Drive, left on Glade Blvd, right on Crum Road, right on Wyndale Drive, left on Glade Blvd, left onto Rt 194.

Right on Frederick Street, right on South Glade Road, left on Pennsylvania Avenue, left on Main Street, right on Frederick Street, right onto Fulton Avenue, left on Pennsylvania avenue , left on Maple Avenue, Right on Frederick Street.

Right on Georgetown Road, left on Hampton Place, Left on Sherwood Drive, Right on Georgetown Road, Right onto Frederick Street back to Station 11.

Total time is approximately 1.5 hours to compete parade.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a specific time Santa will be in each neighborhood.

We hope to see you along the way!