Spring Extravaganza April 30th, 2022
By Captain Kristi Staley
January 20, 2022

Calling all Crafters, Vendors, and Yard Salers!

The Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company is excited to announce the Spring Extravaganza on April 30th from 8am until 1pm! Don't miss out on your chance to rent a 10' by 10' space on our spacious grounds for your yard sale!

Are you a crafter or vendor? This event is sure to draw a crowd! Join us by renting a space! All outdoor spaces are 10ft by 10ft and $25 each. We also have very limited capacity in a small outdoor building, guaranteeing you overhead cover, for a different fee.
Interest? Contact us today for more information!!

Email: walkersvillecraftfair@gmail.com

*Please note: registrations will ONLY be handled via that email. We will not send any registration forms via Facebook.